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Hello, Welcome to Naruto:First Blood. This is going to be an rp site that you will never forget, as it will deal with many things that you have come to love, like for example, Naruto and not, but aside from that I am sure that time you have here will be truly extraordinary as you begin to move through the life of a ninja as a ninja. Be Safe.

Continuous lies. Broken faith. Unwelcomed trust and gratitude. It is time to prove something to the world, it is time to prove who you really are. Will you be the one to shed the First Blood?

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    Post by Allister on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:22 am

    The end has finally come. The move of the Akatsuki has finally risen. During the past two decades the fifth great ninja war has occured leaving the akatsuki victorious by taking over Amegakure and Otogakure. This failure has rendered most villages uselessly helpless. It was such an embrassment having three great villages all be taken down by just ten people. The villages all together had a total of 78,000 high class ninja's but for some reason they were no match against this organization of brute ninjas.

    The 7 of the 9 Bijuu which was sealed by the Akatsuki was released into the wild,free to do anything they want. The Bijuu attacked the 5 Great Villages but was sealed into some Shinobi. The Jinchuuriki were trained to master their Full Bijuu mode. After a few years , they decided to go to Amegakure and Otogakure to win the 2 villages back. The Kages and high class ninjas also followed them to the 2 villages. As soon as they reached the 2 villages , the Akatsuki quickly fought with them. The fight was extreme that it almost destroy the whole villages.

    The fight soon ended and the Akatsuki were killed not to be heard again. Amegakure and Otogakure were now in peace and ruled by 2 high class ninjas from 2 of the 5 Great Villages ,Kirigakure and Kumogakure. The ninja from Kumogakure created the sound technique which was known as Otogakure's specialty. Amegakure was normal, always rainy 24/7. Some Jinchuuriki were Kages and some are just helpers.There were also some missing ninja roaming around the Shinobi world but one day , there is a missing ninja recreated Akatsuki. The leader of the Akatsuki recruited 9 more S-Class missing ninjas and the Akatsuki was up to no good and the new Akatsuki is currently planning to take control off all the 7 villages and seal all the 9 Bijuu.

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