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Hello, Welcome to Naruto:First Blood. This is going to be an rp site that you will never forget, as it will deal with many things that you have come to love, like for example, Naruto and not, but aside from that I am sure that time you have here will be truly extraordinary as you begin to move through the life of a ninja as a ninja. Be Safe.

Continuous lies. Broken faith. Unwelcomed trust and gratitude. It is time to prove something to the world, it is time to prove who you really are. Will you be the one to shed the First Blood?

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Nine tailed Mangoose-Avaliable
Eight Tailed Andaconda-Avaliable
Seven Tailed Raven-The host is Mara
Six Tailed Aramdillo-Avaliable
Five Tailed Mountain Goat-Avaliable
Four Tailed Elephant-Avaliable
Three Tailed Snow Leopard-Avaliable
Two Tailed Seahorse-Avaliable
One Tailed Bear-Avaliable

    Banned Jutsu


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    Banned Jutsu Empty Banned Jutsu

    Post by Horror on Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:57 am

    Banned Jutsu:
    • Earth Grudge Fear
    • Muon Satsujin no Jutsu (Silent Homicide Technique)
    • Rasen Shuriken (Spiral Shuriken)
    • Fushi Tensei (Living Corpse Reincarnation)
    • Edo Tensei (Resurrection to the Impure World)
    • Rinnegan
    • Kagerou (MayFly)
    • Souja Sousai no Jutsu (Twin Snake Double Assassination Technique)
    • Flying Thunder God Jutsu
    • Space-Time Migration (Madara's Jutsu)
    • Lighting Release Armor
    • Kirin
    • Body Shedding (Orochimaru's Technique)
    • Any Space-Time Jutsu
    • Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu- Curse Technique: Death
    • Deidara's C0 & C4 techniques
    • Nanosaizu no Dokumushi- Nano-sized Venom Beetles
    • Izangi
    • Susanoo
    • Chimera Technique
    • Danzō's Juinjutsu
    • Curse Seals of any kind
    • Absorption Seals
    • Tsunade's Creation Rebirth
    • Soul Removal Technique
    • Tsubako Mandara (Mandala Box)
    • Rasen Rengan (Dual Spiral Spheres)
    • Chou Chakra Rasengan (Super Chakra Spiral Sphere)
    • Chou Oodama Rasengan (Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere)
    • Kamui
    • 100 Puppets
    • Chiyo's 10 Puppets

    The use of some of these jutsu is negotiable via the permission of at least two admin and with reasonable arguments. Some of these jutsu are non-negotiable, though, so don't expect that asking for it will guarantee you the jutsu.

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