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Hello, Welcome to Naruto:First Blood. This is going to be an rp site that you will never forget, as it will deal with many things that you have come to love, like for example, Naruto and not, but aside from that I am sure that time you have here will be truly extraordinary as you begin to move through the life of a ninja as a ninja. Be Safe.

Continuous lies. Broken faith. Unwelcomed trust and gratitude. It is time to prove something to the world, it is time to prove who you really are. Will you be the one to shed the First Blood?

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    Onoda Clan Empty Onoda Clan

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    --- [ | Onoda | ] ---

    --- [ | The Phantom Assassins | ] ---


    --- Legend of the Onoda ---

      [ Lore ]

      The morning, like most, was frigid. Practically unbearably so. Words spoken turned to ice, veins ran cold, and hearts grew black. All could tell: something was upon them. A demon? A ghost? A god? None knew nor could they tell. The light was gone, stolen from the land. Unjust, it was, and fairness and justice needed to be restored, returned. The people, the Onoda, called upon their most mighty warrior to save them. He had faced the flames of eternal death and still lived to see the day. The name of this great warrior? Sadly, lost to the ages. Word of mouth can only hold so much until the details begin to blur and fade.

      Still, name or no name, this warrior was great, perhaps the best. The Onoda, placing all of their hopes upon this man, sent him to find the light and bring it back. "Your body is your greatest weapon," they said, departing their wisdom as a final farewell. "However, it is also your greatest weakness. With it, you are everything. Without it, you are nothing." The warrior nodded, took these words to heart, and then ran off towards the horizon. While on his trek, a great voice descended over the land and it laughed, as if to say that all was futile and all was lost.

      The warrior, eventually, made it to the edge of Tokoyami, Everlasting Darkness. As soon as he stepped across the border, between his land and theirs, he was attack. For days he fought. Steel against claw, human against demon, light against darkness! He traveled the wastelands, searching for the light, as the scattered souls of Hell continually bashed against his shield and sword. Soon, as body after body laid wasted, the great warrior made it to Kuroraka Hara, the Blackest Plains. Here, truly, was Hell's domain.

      A pale red light, eerie and unnatural, peered over the horizon. The warrior looked, concerned, as lightning cracked the sky. They, the demons, could no longer tolerate the warriors presence. They reached up their hands, towards the heavens, with their eyes burning bright with fury and blood lust. The warrior ran into Kuroraka Hara, avoiding and slicing the demons' fists, and was suddenly confronted by a colossus, black force. The warrior fought the colossus, dealing and taking blows equally.

      Eventually, however, all was silent.

      The colossus fell to its knees and drew its claws through the earth, creating great ravines in its wake. The colossus screamed, roared before he fell, shaking the entirety of Kuroraka Hara with a great earthquake. The warrior, a number of feet from the colossus, had also fallen to his knees. Black demons, those that had attacked the warrior before, rose from the ravines, their crimson eyes searching the battlefield with interest. They did not attack the warrior, however, and simply began to circle him.

      The warrior, suddenly brought to life once again, let his sword drop to the ground. He then shed his armor, shield, and helmet. With his body, he was everything. The warrior then stood and began walking back from he abyss, his breath ragged but nonetheless powerful. On the eve of his return to the Onoda, the sun finally rose upon the land. The Onoda rejoiced, the light and their land restored, and when the warrior finally returned they brought him to the high council. The council bestowed upon the warrior the highest titles and gifts of honor for his bravery and perseverance.

      The warrior lived to a ripe old age and the Onoda prospered.

      [ Emergence and Expansion ]

      The Onoda first emerged in the land between the Earth Country and the Wind Country, which is now the present day Ash Country. The Onoda were, originally, a band of nomads who traveled between Sunagakure and Iwagakure in accordance to the seasons. Most Onoda's made their livelihoods through brunt, physical work distributed to them in the Hidden Villages. Onoda Clan member's were conditioned, from birth, to be very strong and incredibly fit.

      Eventually, the Onoda Clan started to accumulate members from both Sunagakure and Iwagakure who were dissatisfied with their place inside their respective villages. After many generations of hybrids of Doton users and Fuuton users, the Onoda started to recognize and develop their Souton abilities, which would eventually lead to the birth of their Kekkei Genkai. As aforementioned, the Onoda's took great pride in their bodies and their fitness and this translated into the abilities of their Kekkei Genkai.

      [ Konoha, Suna, Iwa ]

      The Onoda Clan continued to grow and they decided that, after a tradition of physical work for the Hidden Villages, that they were going to serve the villages in other ways. Many, simply, went to Sunagakure and Iwagakure to revisit their roots and ancestry. Other's actually pursued the life of shinobi in which, not surprisingly, they were quite adapt for. Additionally, some Onoda's decide to expand their horizons and move into Konohagakure.

      The Onoda, still today, maintain connections with the other Onoda Complexes. The Onoda is a very large clan and is a force to be reckoned with.

    --- Kekkei Genkai ---

      [ Overview ]

      The Onoda Clan focus their attacks and techniques on the following seven main systems of the body:

        The Skeletal System: The bodily system that consists of the bones, their associated cartilages, and the joints, and supports and protects the body, produces blood cells, and stores minerals.

        The Digestive System: The system by which ingested food is acted upon by physical and chemical means to provide the body with absorbable nutrients and to excrete waste products.

        The Muscular System: The bodily system that is composed of skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle tissue and functions in movement of the body or of materials through the body, maintenance of posture, and heat production.

        The Nervous System: The system of cells, tissues, and organs that regulates the body's responses to internal and external stimuli. In vertebrates it consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, ganglia, and parts of the receptor and effector organs.

        The Cardiovascular System: The bodily system consisting of the heart, blood vessels, and blood that circulates blood throughout the body, delivers nutrients and other essential materials to cells, and removes waste products.

        The Respiratory System: The system by which oxygen is taken into the body and an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place; in mammals the system includes the nasal passages, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs.

        The Immune System: A diffuse, complex network of interacting cells, cell products, and cell-forming tissues that protects the body from pathogens and other foreign substances, destroys infected and malignant cells, and removes cellular debris: the system includes the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and lymph tissue, stem cells, white blood cells, antibodies, and lymphokines.

      The Onoda morph, change, or skew these systems in their own body or opponents bodies for devastating and completely debilitating attacks. Their main areas of concern are the muscular system, respiratory system, and nervous system. By attacking these, or focusing their main assults, upon these three systems the Onoda user can maximize the damage they can cause to opponents. Additionally, to this vast understanding of human composition and anatomy, the Onoda focus on attacking opponents' perception. The Onoda use psychological warfare and physical warfare.

      The Onoda have a few base attacks and techniques from which there are a large number of deviations. Particular styles differ from Onoda Clan member to Onoda Clan member, allowing them to be a heavily and speedily developing clan. Much like the human body, and in accordance with evolution, the Onoda change and morph themselves to better suit their environment and their Kekkei Genkai most certainly reflects this.

      [ Chouzetsugan [The Transcending Eye] ]

      Onoda Clan 2n1i552

      The Chouzetsugan is a powerful doujutsu technique with multiple applications. Firstly, it gives the Onoda user something akin to X-ray Vision. The detail and specificity of the Chouzetsugan changes with levels and personal abilities, but there are usually fairly common thresholds. At Genin level, the abilities of the Chouzetsugan are fairly simplistic. The Onoda user will be able to see the skeletal system of other creatures and well as the ability to see through most objects. At Chuunin level the Chouzetsugan will increase very much in power. The Onoda user will be able to see and attack the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. Also, at Chuunin level, they will gain the ability to see through all solid objects. At Jounin level the Onoda user will be able to see and/or attack the skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system. Also, the range of the Chouzetsugan will increase greatly.

      The second ability of the Chouzetsugan is that it aids greatly in photographic memory. The Doujutsu is one of deadly precision and allows its user to hold any number of memories in greater details while the eye is activated. As with all techniques, the greater the skill of the user the greater the strength of the ability. A Genin will only be able to hold onto imperfect memories with some greater clarity than they might normally. A Chuunin will have a fairly good memory with the Chouzetsugan, allowing them to hold dates and locations with good clarity. A Jounin will have amazing recall, allowing them to store data, dates, locations, names, and places among other things with a great amount of clarity. Onoda Jounin are feared to get into arguments with because of the great strength of their memory. A Kage//S-Rank Onoda will have perfect memory with their Doujutsu, forgetting nothing.

      [ [Evolve] ]

      Onoda Clan Mn2ouf

      The second level of the Onoda Doujutsu still remains a mystery.

      | The Complete Onoda Clan Jutsu List |

    --- Onoda Law ---

      [ Population ] | Class C | The Onoda Clan, stretching across three villages, is a fairly large clan. The clan consists of about five-hundred members. Onoda Clan members are quite diverse, especially in appearance, and are more defined by their training methods and talents rather than their features. Most Onoda Clan members are thin and lithe, their Souton chakra tailored more to fast and smaller characters. Many Onoda Clan members have dark colored hair and light colored as eyes a defining feature. The Onoda Clan is fairly well connected between Iwagakure, Sunagakure, and Konohagakure. The Clan keeps a steady move of information between the complexes in each village and this allows them to stay fairly interconnected despite their distance.

      [ Clan Founder ] | The direct founder of the clan is unknown. The actual abilities of the Onoda were produced over a number of generations through interbreeding Fuuton users and Doton users. The Onoda were never founded by one single man or woman and this singularly add to the Onoda's diversity. This facet of their clan, additionally, functions into their political structure in that it is centered throughout three villages and a number of council members. The Onoda Clan does not put too much stock in one member, though it still does maintain a single clan leader and then two subordinate clan leaders in the two remaining villages. Further description about the Onoda Clan's political structure can be found below.

      [ Clan Training ] |

        Seven Years of Age

        Training in the Onoda Clan most often starts when a child is seven years of age. This is an important time for an Onoda child and signifies their official introduction into the clan. At this time, a child may choose whether to pursue the clan's abilities or to not. If a child chooses that they will pursue the clans abilities, they must complete the training completely. Backing out, though an option, is frowned upon incredibly and if a child chooses to not continue their training, they may not be introduced into the training again. A child is taught from a young age that this decision is incredibly important and if they are not prepared for the challenges ahead, they will surely disgrace themselves and shame their specific family. The Onoda keep this harsh style of judging in order to instill definitive and nearly unbreakable values in their clan members. The Onoda are always taught to never give up and persevere through even the worst of odds. Pain becomes a friend, not an enemy, and merely means that they are performing at their highest level. The Onoda have kept this brutal training regime from very long ago and though it is sometimes questioned, it has yet to be changed.

        At this time an Onoda Clan child is taught the basic abilities of the clan. Namely, calling and molding Souton chakra and a number of the base phasing abilities. Onoda children most often leave their parents' home at this time and live in special dorms within the complexes. This helps to instill a sense of togetherness that is sometimes absent with other training regimes. This helps to prepare Onoda children for the shinobi life where, sometimes, your teammates are the most important thing one can have. The children also begin to build muscle mass and increase fitness, having strict but mostly simple exercise regimens. At this time the Onoda children are usually taught by some of the older clan members, Chuunin and Jounin, or whoever is available at the time.

        Ten Years of Age

        Most Onoda Clan members are sent to the Academy at ten years of age. Depending on talent and abilities, some Onoda Clan members will be sent to the Academy at even an earlier age. Progress within the Academy is carefully monitored by the clan elders and council, though any negative and/or positive data is not acted upon. During this time, Onoda specific training falls and the Academy students are left to figure out their abilities for themselves. They will have a strong base by this time and are expected to further themselves and graduate. Every month the Onoda Complexes hold an informal "Progress Exam" that checks the Academy Students abilities and, additionally, teaches them or informs them about another ability of the Onoda Clan. In this way, Academy Students are kept very close on the same page and it is easy to pick out the most talented members of the time. Exceptional students are given additional training, though additional training by the less than exceptional students can be requested.

        Twelve Years of Age

        Most Academy Students are expected to graduate around the age of twelve. At this time they are given the final Onoda Clan abilities and then are sent on their ways to their teams. When they reach this age, Onoda Clan members can chose to continue training within the complex or they can forgo training to discover their own abilities by themselves. When an Onoda Clan member reaches this age they are considered fully inducted members into the clan and are largely celebrated for their accomplishments.

        Seventeen Years of Age

        At the age of seventeen, Onoda Clan members are considered adults. They are included into clan decisions and are given political power within the clan. Namely, the ability to give opinions and to vote. At the age of seventeen the Onoda Clan members can develop their specific place within the clan, whether research or application or a whole variety of things. Onoda Clan members are highly celebrated on their seventeenth birthday and it is an important time for them.

      [ Clan Political Structure ] | There are three major members of the Onoda Clan. They are Akihiro Onoda, Kunio Onoda, and Masa Onoda. They control the Onoda Complexes in Konohagakure, Iwagakure, and Sunagakure, respectively. They are all very powerful and are intensely skilled in their special areas of expertise. Akihiro, the Konoha leader, specializes in use of the Chouzetsugan. Akihiro has been a driver force behind increasing the power and the effectiveness of the doujutsu in both Iwagakure and Sunagakure. Kunio, the Iwa leader, specializes in the Kagakusha Tebukuro. Kunio, unlike the other leaders, sees the intense value in creating and maintaining very expensive laboratories. He often creates newer and deadlier compounds for all the Onoda. Masa, the Suna leader, specializes in taijutsu and the Onoda's various genjutsu techniques. All of the leaders regularly correspond to keep up to date with the newest news and happenings.

      Among these three leaders there is one prominent executive member, which takes care of overseeing the clan as a whole. The executive leader shares his power with a council and a council of elders. They each hold some power within the clan and can make decisions for the clan as a whole. The council of elders is centered in Sunagakure, while the simple council circulates between the villages every six years. The prominent executive member is usually the most powerful member in the clan, though this is not always true. The main executive member can willingly give his leadership to another Onoda, or his leadership can be taken by a match.


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