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Hello, Welcome to Naruto:First Blood. This is going to be an rp site that you will never forget, as it will deal with many things that you have come to love, like for example, Naruto and not, but aside from that I am sure that time you have here will be truly extraordinary as you begin to move through the life of a ninja as a ninja. Be Safe.

Continuous lies. Broken faith. Unwelcomed trust and gratitude. It is time to prove something to the world, it is time to prove who you really are. Will you be the one to shed the First Blood?

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    New Villages


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    New Villages Empty New Villages

    Post by Allister on Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:55 pm

    Here is a list of all of the brand new custom made villages for the site.

    Hikari no Mura/Hikarigakure no Sato/Village Hidden in the Light~One of the largest villages in the world. Shrouded By light, this village never has nighttime. It is day time 24/7. this Village has made a pact and treaties for every surrounding village and every surrounding land in the ninja village. Dating back 500 years ago this village use to own everything in the world, now it shares its affluence with everyone else.~

    Ha no Mura/Hagakure no Sato/Village Hidden in the Feathers~ The Village hidden in the Feathers, or Hagakure for short is famous for it being surrounded by white grass. The weather there is always raining a slight drizzle of feathers. The feathers colors are mainly green, blue and yellow, but once every 5 years the feather colors all turn a fiery red and orange color. This legend of why they do that is still unknown even till this very day.

    Ki no Mura/Kigakure no Sato/Village Hidden in the Trees~ This village has trees taller than mountains. The reason why this village is so well known is because it basically is a tree. Yes the Village hidden in the trees is a giant tree itself that ages over 1000+ years. The village has roughly around 30 thousands trees surrounding it that stretch about 100 ft off the ground but that is only a fourth of how far up the village tree stretches up.

    Yama no Mura/Yamagakure no Sato/Village Hidden in the Mountains~Yamagakure is a village thats hard to find. That is because it is hidden deep within the depths of the mountains that descend to the far west of the shinobi land. Why this village is hard to get to is because it is surround by a sea of lava, which gives the village the ultimate defense for any enemy attack known to man.

    Donzoko no Mura/Donzokogakure no Sato/Village Hidden in the Abyss~Donzokogakure is a village that is hidden within a deep, deep hole. The hole is about 100 ft in width and 300 ft deep. You might wonder isn't the village prone to aerial attacks, well rest assured because this village has its best ninja guarding the entry way with a barrier that if touched puts any unwelcomed enemy into a dazed state.

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